Using grpc-gateway with Kong

Dear Mam/Sir,

I am trying to use grpc-gateway with Kong?
[Introduction to Kong gRPC Plugins - v2.8.x | Kong Docs ]
[gRPC-gateway plugin | Kong Docs]

I tried both the examples with given *.proto file and followed steps one by one but it did not work.

However , I used grpc gateway and this works fine with a proto file and I am able to use both http and grpc requests on API.

When using Kong gateway with ( grpc-gw ) plugin I have few questions:

  • Do I need to set up grpc server and http server or Does the Kong plugin grpc-gw does it for me automatically?
  • Does Kong gateway grpc-gw plugin automatically creates grpc server , stubs and the only input is proto file ?

Kindly let me know ,