Advice needed on gprc-gateway usage

We are building a new product and using gRPC in our services heavily. We will be using Kong as our API gateway (mobile + web clients will send requests here)…

To keep development effort less, we are thinking of developing all services with gRPC endpoints only. And then use gRPC-gateway plugin on Kong to expose selected endpoints for the clients (mobile, web, etc. – where we don’t want to use gRPC client).

So [ our grpc services ] <----> [ kong + grpc-gateway ] <----(over-the-internet)---> [ mobile / web client ]

Is this an okay pattern to do (I have not seen this used anywhere. but the current team is doing it. So just want to understand the potential pitfalls) ?

We also noticed that the grpc-gateway plugin doesn’t return the error message returned by the RPC implementation when the status code is non-zero. Is there a way to proxy the error response as well?