Proxying HTTP2 traffic through Kong

Hi Folks,

I am using Kong for proxying GRPC requests through it. The following is my setup

Have started Kong with proxy_listen config

-e "KONG_PROXY_LISTEN= http2, http2 ssl, http2, http2 SSL" 

I have a sample GRPC server running on port 15002. I have set up routes and services for the GRPC server. I am grpcurl to make a call via Kong proxy as follows

grpcurl -v -d '{"name": "Kong 1.3}' \
  -plaintext localhost:8000 helloworld.Greeter.SayHello

I am getting the following response

Error invoking method "helloworld.Greeter.SayHello": failed to query for service descriptor "helloworld.Greeter": rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = Bad Gateway: HTTP status code 502; transport: missing content-type field

Not sure what I have missed. I am following the official Kong documentation for this.
Can someone help with this?

The same request works fine if the request is directly made to the GRPC server


@rShetty Could you share your routes & services setup as well?

Services creation

curl -XPOST localhost:8001/services \
  --data name=grpc \
  --data protocol=grpc \
  --data host=localhost \
  --data port=15002


curl -XPOST localhost:8001/services/grpc/routes \
  --data protocols=grpc \
  --data name=catch-all \
  --data paths=/

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