Kong GRPC Support over Plain Text (Http2)

Hello All,

I’ve a grpc service which needs to be communicated over plain text.

I was following this example

I’ve done the setup for Kong Installation through Helm and using GKE.

I was able to connect and get response when I use the sample deployment with 443 (–insecure). But when I communicate the grpc service over plaintext (–plaintext) I’m getting error like below

./grpcurl -d ‘{“greeting”: “Kong”}’ --plaintext -servername helloworld.com hello.HelloService.SayHello Error invoking method “hello.HelloService.SayHello”: failed to query for service descriptor “hello.HelloService”: rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = Service Unavailable: HTTP status code 503; transport: missing content-type field

When I tried to add http2 to the listener to http proxy (Kong configuration) even the normal services also not working.

Does Kong support GRPC Over Http2 plain text ? If yes can someone guide me how can achieve the same.

I can provide more details if required like setups and yamls.