Upstream in kong

I am new to Kong API Gateway.
Can anyone please help me to configure Upstream load balancer in Kong Dashboard.
Please mention the steps with more clarification

Not exactly sure what you mean by Kong Dashboard? The community edition of Kong does not come with any form of dashboard so I assume you are using some 3rd party tool? If so, then I think you are more likely to get help by asking the author/community of that tool how to set things up.

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Sir ,

I have follow the document “” to configure the kong.

kong-dashboard start --kong-url http://localhost:8001
After running the above command, the kong dashboard is started on port number 8080, the dashboard is look like as shown in the screen shot.

What i am able to do now

  1. basic -auth working
  2. rate-limiting working
  3. ip-restriction working
  4. request-termination working


Ldap Auth not working
Key Auth not working

Please let me know, that i am working on right platform

That post uses npm to install a 3rd party application - Kong Dashboard (npm install -g kong-dashboard). The source for that can be found at I haven’t used it myself so can’t help you I’m afraid but you may find help via the community on that repository.