Updating a Route(with PATCH) on Konnect through Admin API gives 404

Hi Team,
I am trying to update a plugin that is on Konnect through Admin API with a PATCH call.
I an getting below error. If I do PUT, I get success.
Same scenario is working well on my locally installed Kong gateway running on Docker.

*I am using trial version of Konnect.

Error message:
“message”: “Cannot PATCH /api/runtime_groups/baa1b432-f5a9-480e-b186-75e9c46b75f0/plugins/d36330e8-90d1-4a3d-b69e-9245b5ddab5a”


It looks like you’re using one of the internal APIs used by our UI but is subject to change. Please use the official published APIs here: Konnect APIs | Kong Docs

Konnect Control Planes Config (Beta) - latest | Kong Docs would the API you’re looking for to PATCH a plugin.