Transformation of RAW JSON Payload in POST


I have a scenario where we need to check the incoming JSON Payload in POST request of Kong exposed service and then based on the contents, need to transform the request before we call actual service.

Is it possible with Kong?



Sure. Have a look at the Plugin Development Guide for how to write your own plugin and implement your custom logic, and if you are using Kong 0.14, you have access to the new Plugin Development Kit to easily interact with the requests/responses flowing through Kong.

You may also want to review the two Request Transformer plugins offered by Kong - see and/or

If you’d like to try the Kong EE-only Request Transformer Advanced plugin, see

Thanks…Does that mean, currently there is no plugin available which provides transformation capability for JSON Payloads ?

Thanks Cooper. I am not sure if these plugins provide out of the box JSON payload transformation. Both the plugins can do operations on parameters only if I am not wrong.