Request Transformer Plugin

The Request Transformer plugin transforms the request sent by a client on the fly in Kong, before hitting the upstream server. Give it a try and discuss it here!

Request Transformer plugin documentation

Can we customize the plugin to dynamically parse and change the upstream headers while serving?

The use case is when a client hits kong it would send a custom token which needs to parsed and appended to header while serving upstream URL. If possible can someone help how to do that since I am new to kong it would be helpful if someone can point to right document or link to proceed further?

Sure, you can fork the request-transformer and create your own. Here is Plugin Developer Guide:

Here are the sources for the Request Transformer Plugin:

And here is the test suite:

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Are there any variables available to the request-transformer plugin during execution? For example upstream service name, request path? I had a look at the docs, but I could only see configuration for setting static values.

Request transformer currently only supports static values AFAIK.

Kong Enterprise Edition’s request-transformer-advanced plugin supports something like you describe @Karthik_B

1 Like might be what you are looking for. It allows you to basically script everything that the request-transformer and response-transformer do. We open sourced it a while back and use it daily in our environment, so while it may look stagnant it is actively maintained just very stable.


Thanks all, appreciate the feedback. The service/route concept has really helped pushing requests into upstream services more seamlessly.

Does the request-transformer plugin or the kong-rewrite-plugin allow transforming the Host: header of a request?

You should be able to add/update/remove any header with either plugin.