Syslog plugin enablement on kong docker

I have deployed kong docker container on a cloud (Openshift). It is working perfectly fine.
I want to enable Syslog plugin on running instance of kong. Using admin API I enabled Syslog plugin and followed directions on documentation.

The notes at the end of the documentation say Make sure Syslog daemon is running on the instance and it’s configured with logging level severity same as or lower than the set config.log_level

However, I am unsure how to achieve this using Docker. Do I need to install daemon before creating kong docker image? Also, from the documentation, it’s unclear where the logs get written for this plugin?

Thank you

syslog within docker is a little unusual. I think a more appropriate approach would be use the file log plugin to send logs to stdout / stderr and then have docker send logs to syslog. Syslog ( ) sends the logs directly to syslog. You could maybe achieve this with creative use of a volume mount point

FWIW I confirmed that Kong 2.0.2 (declarative) with a running syslog daemon works as documented.