Could not see logs in Kong (running in docker)

I have added some log statements in my custom plugin , I can see the logs printed in the container (in docker Kitematic ) but I can not find the logs written to any log file.
Nothing is being written to /dev/stdout or /dev/stderr


In order for us to help you debug your issue, it would be necassary to at least let us know which Kong version you are using, which Docker image (an official one or your own extension on top of it?), and finally, the value of the proxy_error_log/admin_error_log directives (depending on where you are issuing these log statements from in your plugin). These values can also be specified as environment variables, so an easier way to find out the effective value of these properties is by issuing a request to the root / endpoint of the Admin API.

Your statement seems to somewhat contradict itself in that you can see the logs in Kitematic but supposedly nothing is being written to /dev/stdout. What have you tried exactly? docker logs <container>?


Below are the environment details. Using official docker image.

I can see logs in Kitematic console , but not in any of log files. Am I missing something ?

As per your settings, the logs are going to /dev/stdout. Running docker logs <container id> (as already noted in my previous message) should show the same logs as Kitematic does.

In general, it is better to avoid sending those logs to a file in a running container since those can easily fill up the disk space available to the container after some uptime. We have seen many such cases in the past, and downtime scenarios caused by this oversight.