Support linux/arm/v7


I am new using Kong. I am working on a personal project with K3s and Raspberry Pi 3B+. I was reading your repo issues about support to ARM but it’s only about arm64.

Do you have in your roadmap provide support to linux/arm/v7 soon ?

Thanks in advance

We haven’t seen a lot of demand for it yet but if the community really wants it, we can work with you to add support for ti.


Thanks for your answer!. I am checking how works kong-build-tools to build it for linux-arm-v7.


I was trying to compile it but in the end, I w wasting so much time and I am not getting the results that I was wanted.

I write here my solution because maybe someone has the same problem:

  • I upgraded one of my Raspberry PI to a 64 Bit Kernel following this article.

  • I used Node affinity to defined it as a special node with arm64 arch and I updated my k8s template to only work in this kind of Node.

  • I found that the Kong image was built on linux/arm64/v8 and my Raspberry was requiring linux/arm64. I built my own version ymedlop/kong:2.0.1-ubuntu.

  • About the ingress-controler image I used: leandrocarneiro/kong-ingress-controller:0.7.0

Thank you!

I second this request of adding armv7

Hi, any news regarding this issue?
I’ve tried to install it using this article:

with this command:
kubectl create -f

and a pod failed to exec…
did you add and remove the support for arm64

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