Support GRPC together with GRPC-Web on the same service

Hi, I am currently use Kong 2.1.0 alpha with GRPC and GRPC Web.


I wonder if 2 route with same path can support both http protocol (for grpc-web) and grpc protocol (for grpc) or not ? As every of my service need to run on both protocols, I config each service for 2 route, one for http protocol, another for grpc protocol, but with the same path.

The problem is that it can not work correctly. Did I do anything wrong ?

I also do 2 test:
1 with config just one route with grpc protocol (grpc) for the service.
2 with config just one route with http protocol (grpc-web) for the service.
They all run well.

As I need every service run on both grpc and grpc-web, how can I config the gateway ?
Do I need to start 2 different instance of the gateway, 1 for grpc and 1 for grpc-web ?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank you !

Seems like this was answered here: