Ssl ingress controller

I need to expose an https service with ingress, the application is a tomcat in Kubernetes and https works internally but I don’t know how to expose it with Kong ingress controller so that it goes to port 443 of the kubernetes service How can I do this?
I could also use my own certificate in Kong ingress but I don’t know how to do it.
I do not want to use and prefer to handle the certificates myself.
Thank you very much

Please look through:

You can put your certificate in a secret and then use the TLS section to configure which hosts that cert should be used for.

Thanks Hbagdi,
My application already has its own https certificate I just want to expose the application with Kong Ingress Controller, with Nginx ingress controller it works well by adding this annotation Is it possible to add this to Kong ingress Controller?
annotations: “HTTPS”

Please take a look at the KongIngress custom resource.
The proxy.protocol field allows you to tune this.