SSL certificate deployment on Kong

Hi Team,

I deployed Kong in k8s cluster without having an ingress controller , exposed as a Load Balancer , suggest me how to deploy SSL certificate on Kong.


You have to create tls secret -

Example -
kubectl create secret tls kong-gateway-tls-secret -n kong --key /path/to/cert.key --cert /path/to/cert.crt

After that mount that secret using helm secretVolumes as follows -

#Inject specified secrets as a volume in Kong Container at path /etc/secrets/{secret-name}/


- kong-gateway-tls-secret

After that simply add those paths to cert and key mapping in env section of helm as follows -


ssl_cert: '/etc/secrets/kong-gateway-tls-secret/tls.crt'

ssl_cert_key: '/etc/secrets/kong-gateway-tls-secret/tls.key'

Make sure to add DNS record with LoadBalancerIP.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile: .

Hi Team,

I have gone with the same setup in Kong config
ssl: “on”
ssl_cert: “/etc/secrets/kong-my-tls-secret/tls.crt”
ssl_cert_key: “/etc/kong-secrets/my-tls-secret/tls.key”


  • kong-my-tls-secret

this is working fine for my Kong setup to enable TLS configuration without a ingress , thanks.