[Service-mesh]: how to use postgres

I was using memory type as kubernetes and now want to use postgres.
I am using minikube and installed postgres through helm and then port-forwarded the postgres DB.
How to access postgres from mesh?
I was following belwo link:

Any reference links/documentation please.

Hey Aditya, the mode you’re referring to is called “Universal on Kubernetes”. It’s documented on this page: Deploy a multi-zone global control plane - Kong Mesh | Kong Docs (click the ‘Universal on Kubernetes using Helm’ tab).

Hi Aditya,

If are using Postgres using Helm, it will expose it as a Kubernetes service. And use the service host as KUMA_STORE_POSTGRES_HOST inside your Kuma configuration.

  1. Kubectl get svc -n pg (assuming pg is your namespace)
  2. KUMA_STORE_POSTGRES_HOST: {svc-name}.{namespace}.svc.cluser.local

Above, Configuration will connect to your database by service exposed by Kubernetes internally.

If you looking for something else please let me know. Thank you.