Google Cloud PostgreSQL


Has anyone had any experience setting up Kong for HA/multi-data center using the Google Cloud PostgreSQL managed service? I was wondering if it’d work, how well it’d work and if it stacks up financially.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, I was able to set it up with GCloud Postgres, but I think I didn’t do it properly. Couldn’t make the migration scripts work using Kubernetes and the proxy container.

I works fine when it’s up and running and it’s not so expensive.

Hi, thanks for the info.

Quick question… how did you configure the postgres env config in the yaml? We’re struggling to work out where to point the PGDATA env param to:


  • name: PGDATA
    value: /var/lib/postgresql/data/pgdata



If you are using the Google Cloud Postgres, you don’t need that since the data will be managed somewhere else. You only have to use the proxy container. We did it by following these instructions

It worked fine, except during the migration.

Do you run this across several regions/zones? If so, did you compare it to running against cassandra? Reason for the question is that I’m trying to work out how the performance/financial scalability compares between the two. Because Gcloud Postgres is a managed platform it seems more advantageous over running my own cassandra cluster as well.

Thanks again, Lee.