Service Hub asks to apply for trial?

Hello there!

I have setup KONNECT with the Trial Version. I’m just checking this out at this point but one thing I didn’t expect is to have to apply for early trial if I want to use the Service Hub. This is happening for gateway version 3.5. I’m getting this message there:

Thank You For Your Interest

Catalog all the services across your entire organization with auto-discovery of services and routes from Gateway, KIC, Kong Mesh and AWS Lambda. Easily consolidate service insights from popular development and infrastructure systems like PagerDuty, GitHub and more!

I’m not sure how to proceed. I essentially just want to create a service to be able to apply plugins to the gateway. Another question is if the Service Hub is the only way to do that?

Hello - Service Hub is a new module we’re in development that’s valuable for cataloging the services you have in your environment.

From what I understand you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll want to be in the “Gateway Manager” functionality of Konnect (About Gateway Manager - Kong Konnect | Kong Docs) which is where you can configure Kong Control Planes, deploy Kong Gateway Dataplanes, and configure Plugins/Routes to secure & proxy API traffic.

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