Sed and such like

jq makes for an elegant plugin ( but is there something similar for say sed?

Thinking that a sed response transformer plugin could be created with arrays of strings of sed expressions, but wonder if there is a better alternative?

Maybe we don’t need sed
It seems jq can can do this

First time reading about ./jq , sounds like a neat json utility tool, but I wrote some logic in pure lua awhile back that let me edit json payloads fairly thoroughly to my needs(which i ended up scrapping because it was decided among many that we did not want to lose the gateway being transparent, the moment the gateway performs business logic I think you are treading dangerous water :slight_smile: ). Between your two topics do you have any specific Kong questions yet? To answer your original post no there is no sed like plugin for Kong exactly. They have a basic response transformer plugin which only helps modify a single occurrence value at the root of the json payload.