Request Transformer


I created a plugin like below for a route.

curl -X PATCH --url “http://localhost:8001/plugins/f18c32b9-418a-42e7-9356-8942a220f6a6” --data “name=request-transformer” --data “config.add.body=userId:test ,id:101, title:oth, body:koodh”

The JSON looks like below when posted,
“userId”: “test,id:101,title:oth,body:koodh”,
While I expect it to be,
“userId”: 1,
“id”: 200,
“title”: “oth”,
“body”: “koodh”
Also how can I pass integer values if needed in this notation? Please dont recommend a custom plugin for this :slight_smile: Also can we use this plugin for nested Jsons?