Remove unused custom plugins


I have started to work with kong recently.
i have noticed that when i try to remove custom plugins that is no longer in use, i’m getting some errors on kong startup (after i run the kong docker).

something the error is “kong plugin is enabled but not installed” and if understand correctly, this happens when some api is already using the plugin and i remove the plugin name from the kong_custom_plugins in the configuration file.

but something the error is “some_plugin cannot be found” or something similar, although i remove it for the custom plugins in the configuration file

anyone know what is the best why to remove the unused plugins?

Thanks in advance!

Install a tool called “lens”. Then connect it to your kubernetes cluster.
Then goto last section called “Custom Resource Defintion” → KongPlugins → remove your plugins from there.

Also using kubectl command, you can do this
kubectl get KongPlugin - get the list
kubectl delete KongPlugin

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