Reading Rate Limiting current status

After creating a rate limiting plugin on a consumer, how can i check the current status (consumed values, like used 100 from 1000 / day etc).
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Check Header Sent to the client at

Thanks for your answer. Yes i am aware of that, but in my scenario we setup, let’s say paid accounts for customers with X requests / month, and we would like to display the current remaining requests in the account area of the application. So we would need to make a fake call with the client key in order to get the info, and therefore consume one of his credits :slight_smile: We would like to avoid that.

I am using Kong version 2.2 with a postgres database set up. I am able to view the remaining rate limits in the ratelimiting_metrics table.

SELECT * FROM ratelimiting_metrics;

This shows the current request count for each consumer, route, service. etc. (the number of requests made so far, not the remaining requests allowed)

However, I don’t know if I’m able to view these values using the Admin API. I can’t seem to find any way to. Would love to know if this is possible.