Check if consumer has been rate limited

Our deployments team would like to know if a consumer has been rate limited. Is there an API endpoint or feature on the dashboard that exposes this data?

What version of Kong are you using?

The headers on the response will tell the client what current counters are. One way, (but not sure, so please test it) could be that the message that denies access gets logged.

Afaik there is no means to see whether a user was rate-limited in the past.

Hi Tieske!
Running Community Edition.
As admins, we would like to know if a user was rate limited so that we can be informed in case they reach out to our team.

There is no such option. Only what I mentioned previously. You could check if the message gets logged, and add a log analyzer for this info maybe.

If you use any of the logging plugins(we use the http-logger essentially) it captures the 429’s that the customer would have received for rate limiting.