Rate-limiting plugin - different rate depending on query params?


My team is new to Kong and we are still researching what we can achevie using Kong.
One of the functionalities that we take into the consideration is ability to apply rate limiting to the request, depending on the query parameters send with said request.
Is there any way in which this limitation could be configured in Rate-limiting plugin?

I was wondering if this could be achieved using config.path parameter in plugin settings.
Unfortunately, it seems that this parameter is not affecting the way rate-limiting works.

I tried this configuration:

  • name: rate-limiting
    service: test-service
    hour: 5
    policy: local
    limit_by: path
    path: /path/example

where /path/example refers to one of the routes exposed by test-service. It doesn’t seem that rate-limiting behaviour changes depending on presence of path parameter - my understanding was, that this rate limiting will be applied to the path set in path parameter.
The documentation of plugin describes path parameter as “Path to be used if limit_by is set to path.”.
Can you explain how this parameter can be used?