Proxy_listener with API


Is there any method in the API to add custom proxy_listener port? Now default proxy_listener port is 8000 and 8443. I can change the etc/kong.config file and change it 80 and 443 manually but can we do that via API?

Does kong support TCP based load balancing instead of http/https such as listen 888 TCP port and redirect to target TCP backend game servers such as 999?

Does kong support UDP based load balancing?



UDP is not supported ATM. The Nginx stream module does support it: (so at least you can create custom Nginx template and a new server block to do it, but not in dynamic fashion with Kong at the moment).

Can we change the listener ports via API? if so can you share a simple curl request.


No, listening ports cannot be changed via the API, changing the ports requires restarting the underlying Nginx process.