Plugin versions (compatibility with Kong 1.1)


We would like to upgrade to Kong 1.1 but we use several plugins that are not yet bundled with the 1.1 release of Kong. Specifically we use

  • Prometheus
  • Request Transformer
  • Key Authentication
  • File Log
  • Rate Limiting

Do we need to wait until these plugins are available for 1.1 (on the hub page the latest is Version 1.0-x)


All plugins bundled with Kong 1.0 are in fact bundled in Kong 1.1 as well! The Hub pages need to be updated, thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Also, a rule of thumb is that all plugins compatible with 1.0 will be compatible with the entire 1.x series (and we have no plans of unbundling any plugins in the 1.x series).

Happy upgrading!