Missing Kong plugin name in logs

After upgrading Kong from 2.1.3 to 2.2 log messages do not show the names of misconfigured plugins any more. Is there a way to re-enable this?

Screenshot before:

Screenshot after:

hi @traines , would you know why Kong 2.2 doesn’t show names of misconfigured plugins any more? And if there’s a way to reenable this?

(By the way, Gerald and I are from Giant Swarm. Our colleague Yasser said you have been helpful to him :grinning: )

We switched to a new logging system in 0.10. Instead of formatting a single message, it pulls out various pieces of metadata into their own fields. You should see a kongplugin_name field after, e.g.

time="2021-05-20T22:53:36Z" level=error msg="failed to fetch KongPlugin: no KongPlugin or KongClusterPlugin was found" component=store kongplugin_name=fake kongplugin_namespace=helmgress

Is that indeed absent? If so, can you confirm the exact controller version?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The previous controller version was 0.9.2 and the new is 1.1

I did some investigations in the controller code.

Searching for no KongPlugin or KongClusterPlugin was found through the GitHub UI yields this line in a getPlugin function. The getPlugin function seems to be used here. The blame view reveals PR #1014 which seems to fix this exact issue I am seeing. Seems the solution for this one is to upgrade the controller to 1.2.0

If I had done this investigation earlier, this forum post wouldn’t have been required. This topic can be closed.

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