Overide plugin priority : Custome priority


I am using two built in plugin which are as follows:

AWS Lambda

According to documentation ,JWT will be invoked first and then AWS lambda. Is there any way to have control of priority in which built in plugins execute while enabling the plugins

Its actually hardcoded into Kong plugins:

Anywhere you look in the handler.lua files a

CustomHandler.PRIORITY = 10 .. 9 .... 8 ... etc. 

Would be neat in the future to have flexibility around all plugins being able to execute dynamically set with a config option(maybe with a default embedded as well). Right now to achieve changing priority you would need to fork the existing plugin and change the numeric yourself and install it as a custom plugin.

Thanks Jeremy…Is Kong planning to add this feature in next release?

Not that I know of, sorry. I bet they may accept an elegant PR for such functionality though :slight_smile: !