How can we create flow in Kong

I am new to kong. Have been exploring the kong services, routes and Plugins. No doubt the community support and plugin support are great in Kong. One thing I am unable to understand, how kong decide sequence of plugins to be apply to the services and routes. Consider an example I have added rate limit, LB, oAuth AuthN/AuthZ and other plugins in routes. Can someone explain or share the link how the sequence would work and can we control the sequence of plugins to be applied like first will be rate limit then authN and then log. And I want each and every service have different sequence. Is this possible ?

The plugins will be applied in the manner as you have added in services or routes.
e.g. key-auth-plugin, rate-limit-plugin,…

however, each plugin has a priority given to it. so even though the sequence works but sometimes it can lead to different result if a high priority plugin is added after a low one.

Can go to source code of plugin and see their priority value

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