OpenID Connect vs kong-oidc

from this link
i understood OpenID Connect is plugin only available for enterprise edition.
I am using kong community version
i was going through this plugin
and could not make out the difference between these two.
1)does the second one has all the capabilities of openid-connect?
2) kong-oidc is combination of kong+oidc?
3) kong is already running in my docker, if i get the kong-oidc plugin, that comes with another kong image? how to get only oidc plugin if the kong-oidc comes with kong again?


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I’m wondering the same as well. Did you get any response?

@Tavernt_Muchenje Not yet. Could not go further from that point.


This is what I have managed to get. this one comes with EE and obviously you get Kong Inc support etc. was developed by Nokia for their own use although they released it to the public.

That’s what I think :slight_smile:

Ok. that makes sense to me.
the documentation provided here some how not working for me Please share the steps if you can successfully install only plugin on existing kong instance