Nginx_upstream_ not respecting kong.conf values

Hello there,

I am having this problem, so in my kong.conf I have this:

upstream_keepalive_pool_size = 32
upstream_keepalive_max_requests = 1000
upstream_keepalive_idle_timeout = 65

But when looking at the nginx-kong.conf the are different values (the default ones I guess):

upstream kong_upstream {

    # injected nginx_upstream_* directives
    keepalive 60;
    keepalive_requests 100;
    keepalive_timeout 60s;

What is the reason behind this? Is possible to fix it?


These config values are used dynamically by kong with openresty balancer module and set dynamically. You are not going to see the values rendered in the upstream config.
Instead set debug logs and you will see how they take effect

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