Multiple plugins to single Service/Route

If I apply multiple plugins to single Service (esp let us say security related plugins) then are plugins working on initial request or is it like they are running in some sequence? to be precise, for e.g. if I have incoming request with some basic Auth credentials, I use an Request Transformer Plugin (which strip off that header) and BasicAuth Plugin which required to validate credentials. What behavior should I expect?

Have a look at and and let us know if you have more questions.

Thanks Cooper, I don’t see OpenIdConnect plugin Priority Order in the link, could you please guide?

Ah, right you are @Ankur_Goyal, there are a few plugins missing from that list, including OpenID Connect - sorry, we’ll try to get that fixed soon…

Thanks @Cooper, if possible could you please let me know priority order of OpenIDConnect & serverless plugin which I am currently evaluating?