Multiple logs saying: no configuration change, skipping sync to Kong


I recently installed kong on a fresh installed K8s, and I noticed that I’m getting multiple logs with this:
I0710 15:59:15.149343 1 kong.go:68] no configuration change, skipping sync to Kong

And they are constantly showing even if I don’t change anything

That’s essentially normal/benign–the sync loop is continuous and there are also some changes that can occur at the K8S level that the controller sees, but recognizes as irrelevant to Kong configuration (e.g. Ingress status changes).

We’re working towards improving log messages around sync/diff stuff to make it clearer what’s happening under the hood and to more clearly indicate when you should/should not need to pay attention, but those messages are fine/don’t indicate any issues–they’re at level INFO for that reason; they only indicate that normal operation is continuing and no action was taken.