Location of config files on macOS

I’ve followed the instructions here to install Kong on macOS, but I’ve not been able to determine what is the “/path/to/kong.conf”. There doesn’t appear to be any obvious place for config files in the directory structure /usr/local/opt/kong, so where is this found (or if I need to create it, is there a typical convention for where it should live)?

Thanks in advance.

Update: Googling turned up this, but no such file exists where the answer says it should be, and this article describes a different directory and file name, which also does not exist.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult. :-\


You could get the configuration file from the source repository: kong.conf.default and place it anywhere you want. Kong will look for a few default locations where it may live, such as /etc/kong/kong.conf and /etc/kong.conf which are mainly used by distribution packages (.deb, .rpm…), but you can place it elsewhere and use the -c argument of the CLI.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult. :-\

Agreed, this has been mentioned before: https://github.com/Kong/homebrew-kong/issues/53

We would most certainly welcome a contribution for this, otherwise we will backlog it and improve it down the road!

Thanks for your response. I had pulled a copy of the default config file from GitHub even before seeing your reply, but it’s good to have it confirmed that this is the appropriate step since you won’t find it after the installation. Making the necessary changes and putting it in one of those predetermined locations seemed to work as Kong started as expected. :+1: