Kongclusterplugin can not be used independently when two kong ingresses controller in a same k8s cluster

I have two kong ingress controllers in two namespaces of a k8s cluster.
so I expect overall resources in the two different namespaces are independent .inlcuding kongplugins/kongingress/ingress. I hope there is a way to make the kong global plugin only work in a specific kong ingress controller, ie global plugin MY_PLUGIN in namespace KONG-A and kong ingress controller KONG-A is isolated from global plugin MY_PLUGIN in namespace KONG-B and kong ingress controller KONG-B.
is the global plugin only global in the specific kong ingress controller,not the k8s namespaced scope?

There’s no way to apply a KongPlugin to all resources in a namespace. We’d be willing to accept a patch if you were interested in contributing one that provides new namespace annotations to enable a plugin on all Ingresses/Services/KongConsumers in a namespace.

The global functionality relies on underlying functionality in Kong. Kubernetes namespaces don’t have any representation in Kong (aside from resource naming), so anything marked global just universally runs on all requests.

On Enterprise releases, global plugins are scoped to their Kong workspace, and you can separate configuration by using multiple controller instances, each set to a different Ingress class and different Kong workspace.

yes,it is resonable when multiple kong ingress controller inside a k8s cluster.

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