Kong with OpenWhisk

We have Kong and OpenWhisk deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. Want to access OpenWhisk functions via Kong gateway. Have not had success when I create service/route for the OpenWhisk functions. Does anyone have experience doing this integration. Do I need to have the Openwhisk plugin? How is it enabled when Kong is deployed in Kubernetes?

The OpenWhisk plugin is designed to have Kong itself perform OpenWhisk calls. You might want to give that a try — there are step-by-step instructions here: https://docs.konghq.com/plugins/openwhisk/

Yes, that is exactly our use case - to have Kong perform the OpenWhisk calls.
We have Kong deployed in a Kubernetes cluster and the OpenWhisk plugin is not enabled for this Kong install.
Are there instructions/guidelines to install the OpenWhisk for Kong deployed in Kubernetes cluster?

There are no docs specifically for the combination of Kong + OpenWhisk + Kubernetes.

If you are experiencing issues, please add details so we can try to help.