OpenWhisk Plugin

Invoke an OpenWhisk action from Kong. It can be used in combination with other request plugins to secure, manage or extend the function. Give it a try and discuss it here!

OpenWhisk plugin documentation

Is there an active maintainer of the openwhisk plugin? I’m likely going to need to update to support Openwhisk web actions and just want to make sure that there’s still backing and community interest.

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Yes @perryao , feel free to contribute.

Will the OpenWhisk plugin be fixed to support Kong 1.0.0+? The plugin depends on, which was removed in 1.0.0. There’s an open issue, but it’s not getting any love.

I’d love to use Kong 1.1+'s declarative configuration feature with Apache Openwhisk (which has recently graduated from Apache’s incubator to become a full Apache Foundation project).

@wtheaker To share an update, @salazar just merged in the PR and we will do a release soon:

That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to the release.