Kong spec authentication with Postgres DB

Hi Team,

Referring to this link Kong Spec Expose plugin | Kong Docs
how to configure this plugin if its a k8s cluster which is connecting via KUBCONFIG from windows machine? please share insights here.
(kong version is 2.8)

kong-spec-expose plugin is not available in “enabled_plugins” list . my understanding is, installation process (Kong Spec Expose plugin | Kong Docs) will get enabled and below yaml file to apply on kubernetes cluster globally

apiVersion: configuration.konghq.com/v1
kind: KongClusterPlugin
name: kong-spec-expose
kubernetes.io/ingress.class: kong
global: “true”
spec_url: OpenAPI-Specification/petstore.json at main · OAI/OpenAPI-Specification · GitHub
plugin: kong-spec-expose

Link :plugin configuration · Issue #12 · Optum/kong-spec-expose · GitHub

please share some pointers on this …

KongClusterPlugin resources only configure plugins; they do not install them. You’ll want to instead store the plugin files in a ConfigMap and then use charts/values.yaml at 1f5011ecca812f57c8d8e489c0eedc1a95c086b2 · Kong/charts · GitHub to load it.

You can alternately build a custom Docker image using the stock Kong image as a base and running luarocks install kong-spec-expose. You’ll need to set a plugins value under the env block that includes it with this method.

Hi Travis,

I’m not preferring this solution to rebuild docker image after adding this plugin.

merely looking for the easy option to deploy this plugin (reference in yaml to get enabled in plugins-list )into Kong gateway which is residing on k8s cluster.

charts/values.yaml at main · Kong/charts · GitHub (# Custom Kong plugins can be loaded into Kong by mounting the plugin code)
Setting up custom plugin in Kubernetes environment - v2.5.x | Kong Docs
kong/kong.conf.default at master · Kong/kong · GitHub
I got some references on internet, let me try above options

Would be great, if you can share the sample /working of “Setting up custom plugin in Kubernetes environment - v2.5.x | Kong Docs

Referring to this link - Setting up custom plugin in Kubernetes environment - v2.5.x | Kong Docs

  1. kubectl create configmap --from-file=.lua
    2)In Deployment kind added below entries and deployed again
    - name: KONG_PLUGINS
    value: bundled,
    value: “./?.lua;./?/init.lua;”
    volumeMounts & volumes also

custom plugin deployed
apiVersion: configuration.konghq.com/v1
kind: KongPlugin
header_value: “vault-auth plugin”