Kong-Path-Allow Plugin Consumer Issue

Hey Everyone,

Kong 2.1.3
Kong Ingress Controller 0.7.1

We are currently attempting to use the kong kubernetes ingress controller to create a consumer, a service, and an associated route to the service. Along with creating the route, we wanted to enable the following plugins: ACL, JWT, and Kong-Path-Allow. With the ingress controller, we successfully enabled the ACL & JWT tokens with the configurations in place as desired. However, with the Kong-Path-Allow plugin we were able to enable it but the consumer portion of the configuration did not work as expected.

We attempted to use consumerRef but found using that with Kong-Path-Allow has no effect on registering it with the consumer that we wanted it associated to. We have also attempted to manually set the consumer.id with the consumers UUID. The expectation is to set the kong plugin and everything would be configured as expected. See below for the ingress for the kong plugin

Kong-Path-Allow Plugin Ingress

apiVersion: configuration.konghq.com/v1
  - /
  - /token
  regex: true
consumerRef: anonymous_user
kind: KongPlugin
  name: kong-path-allow
  namespace: kong
plugin: kong-path-allow

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