Kong not listening on any ports

I’m working w/ kong an ec2 instance in AWS w/ an RDS backend (psql).

0.11.x was previously working.
0.12.x does not.

Kong starts and updates migrations fine. So the application itself seems to work, and it’s able to communicate properly to the datastore.

However, it isn’t listening on any of the configured ports. (Admin API or data requests)
It isn’t specific to SSL (I.e. the non-SSL ports aren’t listening either). Nothing fancy here… just using the default ports.

I would love to provide more information, but there are absolutely no log events that tell me one way or another whether or not something has failed.

Does the Changelog help https://github.com/Kong/kong/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#0120---20180116 ?

Thank you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I should mention that I went through the changelog before trying to upgrade. (We evaluated it via literature before upgrading.)

Are you able to post the results of https://docs.konghq.com/0.14.x/admin-api/#information-routes here? (redacted as necessary) - or… can you not do so, because you cannot reach the Admin API?

It isn’t listening on any ports, so nothing is reachable.

This is 0.12.x.

And just to double-check, you noted the change of ports in the CHANGELOG and changed your AWS configuration as necessary? And… you’ve restarted Kong? (the old “turn it off and back on” trick)

I’m not being much help, I know - I’m pretty much stumped - let’s hope someone more talented comes along to help you :slight_smile:

To be more clear about the symptoms, it isn’t binding to the ports locally. (i.e. AWS config is inconsequential). (i.e. if you run ss -tlnp).

Usually this is a symptom of a port conflict, where some other service is binding to that port. Nothing else is listening.

The instances are ephemeral, so spinning up new instances exhibits the same problem… until I uninstalled nginx. It works fine if there is no standard installation of nginx. If I roll back to 0.11.x, it works regardless of whether or not there is a non-OpenResty distro of nginx.

I think I have enough to move forward, but I’m assuming someone should probably investigate this at Kong