Kong Manager is not working

I have installed kong gateway based on steps mentioned in

with postgres 14.x. Kong Manager is up and running but when i tried to access service/route/plugins, it returns Network error. Able to add service/route via Admin API.

Any idea/suggestion with the issue ?

Hi @Rangasamy_Arran - Looks like your Kong Manager is not connecting to Kong Admin API. It could be SSL cert issue or Network issue. But first check your admin api and gui urls are configured correctly:

 admin_gui_path = /manager
 admin_gui_url = http://localhost:8002/manager

Use below link for complete documentation:

You can use Chrome browser’s Inspect feature (right click on the web page). In this, just check the tabs Console and Network for detailed error message.

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Thanks @Sachin_Ghumbre , let me try.