Kong Konnect Upstream Certificates

I am using Kong Konnect to configure my Gateways running on Azure AKS. Everything works fine in terms of service and routes. I created a service to the backend https://prod.idrix.eu/secure/. This API responds with the certificate details presented by the client. I created a certificate and uploaded it on Konnect under Certificates and updated the certificate ID under the client certificate in the Service. However, the certificate is not being sent to the API. Every time the API responds that no TLS Client certificate is sent. I used curl to reach the backend by providing the same certificate and the response works correctly.

Am I missing any config on the gateways?

Update: I checked the pod logs and I see the error
invalid reference ‘client_certificate: {“id”:“59af4051-cada-4224-8418-60b252841959”}’ (no such entry in ‘certificates’), context: ngx.timer

the certificate with this id exists in the Certificates section on Konnect