Upstream client certificate

In this thread a ETA is given for the support of client cert for upstream services:

It is not clear how to actually dinamically inject nginx directives so that the upstream service requests are forwarded with a given, static, client cert

How may I achieve this?

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There is a link to some of that info here: , watch around the Kong 1.3 timeframe for mTLS to clients and well as upstreams to Kong(where Kong becomes the client). The 42:24 minute mark has mTLS slide.

Thanks for the link, it tells that Kong 1.3 supports dynamic selection of the client SSL client certificate for the upstream server, and that is what I am looking for. Does someone has any pointers regarding this ?

@mfeledyn : Solved :slightly_smiling_face: I have found in Admin API the way to put different client certificates for upstreams. Just use client_certificate while creating the service.