Kong is deleting my route and service

Hi guys.

I have a Kong with Konga running in Openshift. I create the service and route by my self and ok.
However everytime that I kill the Pod or scaledown it, I see that my service and my route was deleted.

Reading the Kong log I saw this:

So my question is, kong ingress controller don’t allow me to create services and routes by my self?
It’s possible only by some application backend for example using a ingress controller configuration?


KIC should only pay attention to resources with its tag (managed-by-ingress-controller by default). Any resources without that tag it should ignore. Are you adding it manually to your resources?

That said, we do recommend using Ingress resources for all route configuration in KIC-managed instances. There generally shouldn’t be any cases where you need to create routes via the admin API. Had you found something that you couldn’t do with an Ingress?

Hi, I get success here.
I Just add the line:

kubernetes.io/ingress.class: “kong”

and at the backend line I put my service app name.