Kong Ingress Controller + GKE + TLS + simple fanout

I installed Kong Ingress Controller from Helm and my version is
0.9.5 - Mar 7, 2019’

I use GKE, version Kubernetes: 1.11.7-gke.4

This is my KongIngress file:

This is my Ingress file:

This is my services:

I follow this tutorial:

and this:

In the last tutorial:

Create a static IP called to (will be used in the Ingress):

gcloud compute addresses create helloweb-ip --global

I make this, but I use Namecheap DNS.

And not works xd
before I use TLS, the system did works,
Can you help me, please?

I think also that this annotation not works with kong:

kubernetes.io/ingress.global-static-ip-name: helloweb-ip

@AntonioCayulao did you get it working.

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