Kong Ingress Controller for Multiple EKS Clusters

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We have installed the Kong Ingress Controller in the same AWS EKS Cluster where our services are deployed .We have exposed the Kong_proxy through Network Load balancer and path based routes .The Database for Kong sits in AWS RDS .This working well.

We have a requirements for another EKS cluster and few services deployed on that clusters to be exposed via Kong .Is there a possibility that we can use the existing Kong Ingress to dynamically sync the configurations(upstream,routes,etc) from another K8 Cluster ,and expose the Services in that EKS cluster using existing Kong Ingress ?

Few workaround exists like exposing services in another K8 Cluster via load balancers and then manually adding routes/services to the Kong Ingress .

As of today, Ingress Controllers in k8s are per k8s cluster.
The only way to work around this is by creating External Name services for the second cluster in the first cluster and then using Ingress resources to expose them. This will work for most use cases, but you will not be able to perform load-balancing or health-checks using Kong.

You can reuse the RDS instance for the second cluster. Meaning, you can create another database in the same RDS instance and then use the second database for the the second cluster.

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