Kong Ingress and Canary


Does anyone have kong ingress controller and Canary release?

I already know the upstream object and target but how this works under k8s, how targets are recognized when you launch a new version?


Canary plugin is enterprise only at the moment.

sure, but if we want to use community and develop this capability, i already saw that ingress controller recognize the targets by default, we only need to manage the weight.
My question here is where is the best path to go?

I see. The path you can try is this:
Create a k8s service which spans across two deployments, one deployment of v1 version with 3 pods, and then one deployment of v2 version with 1 pod.

Now, you can route traffic to this Service, and Kong will balance the traffic across two versions.
There is no way to change the weights of individual targets currently.