Kong Gateway OSS 3.7 Admin API is now a 404 page

The current documentation link for the Kong API Gateway’s Admin API points to version 3.6.x at Gateway Admin - OSS (Beta) - OpenAPI Specifications | Kong Docs, despite the recent release of version 3.7.0.

Additionally, attempting to access the documentation for version 3.7 directly via https://docs.konghq.com/gateway/api/admin-oss/3.7/ results in a 404 error page.

Thanks for reporting this issue! I’ve fixed this, and now the API docs default to version 3.7.x. You can access the 3.7 API docs using either of these two links:

I had to change the version format from 3.7 to 3.7.x, to match the other versions in the drop-down list. Because of that, the link you posted to the 3.7 docs will not work. Sorry for the confusion!

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