How to use Kong


I would like to get some guidance on how to use Kong gateway version I haven’t been able to upgrade to 3.x yet until this bug fix(resty.dns.client): fix the UDP sockets leak by liverpool8056 · Pull Request #10691 · Kong/kong · GitHub got released. So now that that has been included in, I am looking to upgrade.

Historically I have deployed the OSS version and “Docker official image” here This image does not publish the four digit tags, and the 3.1.1 tag was last updated prior to the release of, so I don’t think it includes the bug fix I need.

I did see the kong/kong-gateway image here has a tag, but after reading some docs I believe that is a Kong enterprise image. The Kong helm chart (charts/charts/kong/values.yaml at main · Kong/charts · GitHub) also seems to indicate the kong-gateway image is for enterprise use.

I know you can use enterprise in free mode, but is that a requirement if I want to upgrade to or any four digit version number for that matter?

Thanks in advance for any assistance