Kong Gateway DB-less without the Kong ingress controller

Hi, community.

It’s possible to have an implementation of Kong Gateway OSS in a K8s cluster without the Kong Ingress controller? I have already a different Ingress controller for the cluster, so I would like to know if it’s possible and if it’s recommended deploy kong DB-less without the customer resource of the ingress controller?

Kong Gateway (OSS) on Kubernetes native


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Kong Ingress controller is used to push config dynamically to Kong proxy. If you don’t use it, you probably need to either put the declarative config inside kong pod when Kong starts or expose admin api and then push config manually at /config endpoint.

IMO it is better to use Kong Ingress Controller for dbless deployment.

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Yes. If you want to manage configuration yourself, you can remove the controller. The chart has an option to disable it. If you’re sending configuration over HTTP, you’ll also need to enable the admin Service.

We do not provide ready-made plain manifests for this. You’d need to remove the controller container from the Deployment and add an admin Service manually if you wish to deploy that way.

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