Kong for shadowing or mirroring production traffic?

I’m looking for a service proxy that can mirror or shadow traffic (similar to https://goreplay.org) to a staging environment. I didn’t see any specific plugin to do this. Is it possible in current Kong?


Yes, it is possible for Kong to implement request shadowing such as you described. However, no such implementation is available that I know of, as you observed. We would very much welcome one from the community (and even be willing to provide some help in its development)!

Is there some plan to provide traffic shadow/mirror?

This is very much on the roadmap. @hisham can provide more details if he has any.


This sounds neat, a Kong plugin that can capture real time traffic requests in a queue to dump against the backed as a “repeat” would be cool. I would be worried about anything that’s not a GET :laughing: , would not wanna inject dup records in prod processes by mistake but being able to regenerate complex real query/select calls in prod with replay capabilities could certainly meet some neat “real world” testing capabilities.

Hey @hbagdi ,

This sounds great. Is this actively being worked on?


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